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    Tuberculosis Challenge

    Join us in fundraising and advocacy to fight for a world with zero deaths from tuberculosis - a curable and preventable disease that still continues to claim the lives of 4,000 people per day.

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  • About the Ten Days to Zero TB Campaign

    November 13-22, 2015

    A Letter from Team Harvard & Team Yale

    Dear Friends & Alumni,


    Today, more than 4,000 people, including over 200 children, lost their lives to the killer disease of tuberculosis: many, after suffering and fighting for months, many, after already losing friends, parents, and loved ones, many, without ever having a real chance at life’s joys and opportunities.


    The greatest tragedy is that all of their deaths could have been prevented. Nobody should have died. TB has been curable and preventable since 1947, yet every 22 seconds, another person dies of tuberculosis. Because 95% of people who die from TB are born into the world’s most impoverished places, these victims along with the 1,500,000 who died last year will likely go unnamed and faceless. But their tragic deaths will not be forgotten, and we will be the voice for those who aren’t lucky enough to have one.


    Zero people should die from TB, and we can achieve that by supporting the work of organizations like Partners in Health (PIH) in the fight against TB. That’s why from November 13-22, global citizens across the country are joining the Ten Days to Zero TB campaign to support PIH’s community-based work. We hope you will join the campaign by raising funds and lending your voice to those who need it most. Together, we can put an end to the tragedy of TB.

    Thank you very much,


    Harvard & Yale PIH Engage

  • We Must End TB Now

    Curable and preventable since 1947. Over 1,500,000 deaths in 2015.

    In Svay Rieng, Cambodia, a boy experiencing severe pain from TB meningitis is comforted by his mother.

    “I’ve seen the best that lies within the human spirit become manifest in the most terrible circumstances. In a small TB ward, in a government hospital, in a remote part of Cambodia, epic suffering was being endured. But also in that humble place existed love on an epic scale. It’s the greatest force and the greatest mystery in the human experience, and as much as anything else, it was keeping this boy alive. Not one of the people I saw had given up hope. Those are the people who need our attention, who are silently crying out for help.

    - James Nachtwey, Photographer


    Moving Photos of TB from James Nachtwey

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    New data from the World Health Organization shows that we have allowed a preventable, curable disease to become the world’s biggest communicable killer. The millenniums-old lung disease tuberculosis now outranks even H.I.V./AIDS in the number of lives it claims. The fact is that we’ve been very...
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    Harvard PIH Engage

    Est. 2014

    We're a group of Harvard undergrads dedicated to fighting for the right to health. 

    Yale PIH Engage

    Est. 2013

    Yale College Students for PIH Engage was founded last year to spread the word about the right to health and Partners In Health’s work.

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